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Indoor Garden

Indoor garden can be a choice other than the park outside the home that are more common. To home page is very limited with or without an outer courtyard or similar residential apartments, a choice in the home garden can be the perfect solution to continue to have a home garden. Natural beauty will shine from within the home and evoke an atmosphere of calm that is so soothing.Some of the gains from the garden of the house: enhancing the natural beauty of the house because the house as if one with nature, facilitate supervision of pets that are placed in the park, resulting in cleaner air, etc..Building a garden in the home is not an easy enough job, because the park is the home not only means to bring plants into the house. You should have more attention on the plants in the house, in terms of nutrients / fertilizer, sunlight, watering, etc.. Needs of plants for sunlight may be obtained by using a transparent roof, put the plant near a window, or use special lights that have a similar beams with sunshine. You also can choose a darker leaf color of plants because these plants do not require too much sun. Water needs of plants will be obtained only from watering because it does not rain on your plants. Excessive watering is not necessary because it can damage and even kill your plants. Ensure good drainage system because the water that collects in the pot can cause root rot in plants. You can choose plants that can survive in conditions of poor drainage or an easier plants that grow in water so it does not require watering.The beauty in the home garden can be enjoyed if the planning, construction, and maintenance of parks in the home is done properly and carefully.

To build a garden in the house, to think about several things, among others: a suitable place inside the home to become gardens, flowers and plants that can grow well in the house, how to care for flowers and plants in the house.To start, you can start from an easy crop to maintain, requiring no special treatment and do not need frequent watering. When you are more proficient and familiar with the care in the home garden, you can choose another plant or flower. To find out what types of plants that can grow well in the house, you can ask the local plant center where you live or in your garden expert.

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