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mini elephant grass

As the name implies, the mini elephant grass leaf size smaller than regular grass. Home page no matter how small it would be planted with grass. The advantages of this type of grass, among others, could cut the cost of trimming. No wonder the mini elephant grass is increasingly an option many people.
Elephant grass mini has a unique character, judging from the pattern of growth. The leaves do not grow upwards, but sideways, so as to make the grass look so much better. "The texture of the leaves is not high, so no need to be trimmed. Similar elephant grass, only a pattern of life are crawling or sideways. Brilliant green grass than usual.


Mini elephant grass comes from America and its growth through a process of evolution. The longer, its shape has narrowed. Since genetically is small, planted grass wherever this will not change form. While the usual elephant grass leaves more tightly, thus requiring more maintenance.

In contrast to the growth of mini-elephants is not high. However, if the space of his life is too dense, the color tends to be yellowing leaves. Thus, must be replanted within a year. That is, the grass trimmed the total to the rod, then you will see a new and green grass again.

In rainy weather, the grass is relatively not need watering. However, in the dry season could be watered twice a day. Mini elephant grass has the ability to live high and not sensitive to soil pathogens. Although there are changes in the weather, the condition of the grass is never nge-drop. "Switzerland in the wet grass would grow tall. But, if planted under the trees, the grass is going bald. The grass golf course was rather difficult to be planted on the estate. While the mini elephant more able to survive. However, in cold and fast growth is not meeting, the texture of its leaves become wider, greener color and quality. While in the hot spot, leaves will grow smaller. "Amazingly, mini elephant grass was overgrown weeds such as other grasses. "Mini recalcitrant elephant grass and able to survive. Because his ability is higher, so weeds can not compete with mini elephant leaves. So, you could say the risk is very small. If anything, this grass prefers water because it includes tropical grasses. But, in season This summer the grass will not dry, despite two months left stranded. Upon entering the rainy season, the leaves will grow again. "


In order for a mini elephant grass remained green and fresh, it is advisable to give fertilizer once a month so that plant nutrient balance. Then, planting grass meetings, so it can be enjoyed immediately. However, if grass is stressed conditions, leaf color will not be strong. "Keep watering the grass, especially when newly planted. Three weeks later the color green will be stronger, its roots have grown, and it may be trampled.

In terms of price, after the grass installed in the courtyard may be more expensive, although not much different from other grasses. "But, if calculated with the treatment even more expensive. Do not get in a month should be twice cut the grass alone. How much money is? Well, with a mini elephant grass, there will be no more cuts because they do not grow up."

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